Sbírka Marek Collection

The Marek Collection is a collection of art started by brothers Ivo Marek and Zdeněk Marek in 2010. It came into existence because of their interest in the work of fine arts university students and new graduates here in the Czech Republic. Focusing on artists who are not known in the art world brings the opportunity to discover rare and extraordinary artists and also provides the opportunity to support them at the beginning of their art career. This initial focus on young artists has changed over time and the collection has now widened with work of older and established artists. Both of these approaches are powered by the collector's ambitions for mapping a complex insight into current art production. An essential part of the collection consists of classical mediums such as paintings and drawings however since 2007, the collectors have been focusing on fields of new media such as video, video performance, and animation. This is what makes The Marek Collection so different from other collector approaches, whether those collections are private or public. Visual artist Milan Houser and curator Marika Kupková are responsible for the selection of represented artists. Besides the exhibitions themselves, this website is also one of the main platforms to display the collection. This website works as an open depository and also as a virtual exhibition. The legal status of this collection is as a cooperative entity.